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When looking at funding business (or personal) assets, there are several different ways by which the facilities can be arranged. What is important is to understand the total structure of the facility and it’s short and long term implications, not simply the monthly repayment. By far the most common area of finance is vehicle finance - either directly for the company or, due to taxation implications, for the Directors/partners of the company. At Finencia we will help you to look at the options available and provide you with the most appropriate solution which could be:

  • Lease Purchase
  • Hire Purchase
  • Contract Hire

Our experts will assess your proposal and arrange the ideal product for your circumstances. In addition to vehicle finance, however, many businesses need to fund the purchase of other assets such as:

  • Plant & Machinery
  • Computers
  • Office Equipment

Again, there are several options available and, by giving us an outline of your requirements, we will look at the various quotes and advise you accordingly. For an indication on how we can help you, please apply online or simply give us a call.

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